We act as a connector using direct investing and M&A to build the ecosystem.

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Our funds include the following

Huobi Global Eco Fund
We have $200 million US under management, mainly invested in the upstream and downstream global blockchain industry. In addition to exchange business, its investments also cover the primary market, secondary market quantitative funds, investment banking, incubators, asset management, wallets, mining, market data vendors, the global community, media, cybersecurity, public chains, DAPP and platforms, regulation, talent recruiting, training, and research.
Huobi Global Blockchain Guiding Fund
A fund of funds, this fund supports vertical “blockchain+” industry.
Special Funds
These funds include the EOS Eco Fund, Eco-Korea Special Fund, and Eco-America Special Fund.

Additional value

Strategic Resources
After integration with our strategic department, all the projects that receive investments from Huobi Eco will have access to Huobi Group’s resources and have a full synergy with Huobi Group. In particular, the project’s token will have high priority for joining HT’s ecosystem and will be recommended for the HADAX Eco Special Board list.
From the currency perspective, we invest in not only HT and other coins and tokens but also fiat money, and we welcome equity investments. From the investment target perspective, we support primary market investments, secondary market quantitative investments, and fund of funds.
Eco Resources
All projects that receive Huobi Eco investments will automatically become a Huobi partner, join the Huobi community, and share Huobi’s global resources. We will arrange for post-investment services, not only providing Huobi Group internal resources but also organizing events to promote cooperation between the partners in the ecosystem.


Huobi Labs and Blockchain+ Industry Alliance are the two major Huobi Eco incubation connectors


Blockchain+ Industry Alliance was initiated by Huobi Group for the purpose of better serving the real economy and helping companies in traditional industries adopt blockchain technology and the token economy. The Alliance will be operated by the community and will promote and help the adoption of blockchain by gathering experts with strong academic backgrounds and expertise that are experienced in the blockchain industry.


Huobi Labs will set up joint labs with our partners, providing research abilities, technology, and practical experience in “blockchain+” and facilitating our partners’ ability to start relevant research and apply blockchain technology to daily operations.


Additionally, Huobi Labs will provide incubation services to our partners and coordinate with different Huobi Eco industrial partners. The Labs will support the incubation of partner projects through incubation, investment banking, running communities, cybersecurity, and legal and marketing services.


Huobi Labs will coordinate with exchange platforms such as Huobi Global, HADAX, Huobi Korea, Huobi Australia, and other Huobi Eco exchange platforms to set up “blockchain+” innovation sectors to support the trading of digital assets.
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Huobi Eco will connect Huobi Group and Huobi Eco partners, as well as open up resources from Huobi Group and bring in partners to participate in Huobi Group’s business.

When Huobi Public Chain is launched, Eco partners will also upgrade to be the Eco nodes on the public chain and will continue to prosper from the blockchain ecosystem.

HADAX Eco Special Board

Huobi Eco’s partners’ tokens will have high priority for promotion to HT’s Eco sub-token and could be recommended for the HADAX Eco Special Board list.

Eco Nodes

We will recommend our Eco partners for cooperation with business units in Huobi Group and will choose Eco partners to be our nodes for in-depth cooperation.

Eco Community

The Eco Community is the community system for our operating Eco partners, providing resources for promotion and business cooperation and organizing events to promote cooperation between partners

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Our team consists of elite talent from multiple areas, such as international investment banks, investment funds, listed companies, internet companies, entrepreneurs, universities, traditional media, and so on. A number of our talent graduated from ivy league universities, including two members with PhDs.
We also welcome in-school interns with clear logic, strong executive abilities, outstanding academic backgrounds, and excellent language skills and professionals with excellent work experience to become our colleagues.
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